Synesthetic is a collection of 21 NFTs. The main piece "Synesthetic - animated" – a 3D music video that will be sold in a limited edition of 100 pieces. It also exists in a monochrome halftone variant, which will be auctioned as a 1/1. The entire collection is completed by 19 static 1/1 pieces. All tokens are ERC-721 minted on manifold.
official opensea collection link:

Dropping Monday May 8th at 20:30 CET
sold in a limited edition of 100 pieces
price 0.046 eth per token - claim your token here:
THE MAIN 1/1 - Synesthetic Mono – animated 1/1
monochrome halftone variant, which will be auctioned as a 1/1
This artwork is my attempt to transfer my synesthetic experience to you in the form of 3D animation. Synesthesia is a neurological condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic and involuntary experiences in another sensory or cognitive pathway. I am able to see music as complex 3D objects, it is a form of synesthesia known as music-to-color synesthesia or auditory-visual synesthesia. This type of synesthesia involves perceiving visual shapes, textures, and movements in response to hearing music. For example, a person with music-to-color synesthesia may see a spinning sphere of vibrant colors when listening to a particular piece of music, or they may see intricate patterns and geometric shapes that move and change in response to different musical elements.
The experience of seeing music as complex 3D objects can vary from person to person, with some individuals perceiving highly detailed and vivid visual imagery, while others may experience more abstract shapes or patterns. The specific shapes, colors, and movements perceived can be consistent or change over time, and can be influenced by factors such as the tempo, rhythm, melody, and harmonies of the music. Like other forms of synesthesia, music-to-color synesthesia is thought to be a result of cross-activation between different areas of the brain that process music and visual information.
But "Synesthetic" is more than just a stunning visual experience. The music accompanying the animation, created by Filip Zaruba, who is also known as Sub.d.visionz, is Produced in the style of drum´n´bass/neurofunk, the soundtrack perfectly complements the animation, creating an immersive experience. Filip Zaruba is a member of the famous Dvoika.troika crew and is known as both a visual artist and music producer. The vocals in the soundtrack were sung by Maok, a brilliant multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer, and improviser whose dreamy, almost mystical compositions are easily recognizable.
If you're a fan of digital art, music, or just curious about the world of synesthesia, "Synesthetic" is an NFT drop that you won't want to miss.
Video file: 1920x1080 pixels. Framerate 25 fps
Image fileS: 3480x2160 pixels. No AI involved. Made in Newtek Lightwave 3D.
Compositing and postproduction in Adobe After Effects. Music made in Cubase.
3D animation and music: Filip Zaruba aka. Sub.d.visionz
Vocals: Maok
© 2023 Filip Zaruba -

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