Filip Zaruba is one of the pioneers of 3D animation in the Czech Republic. He began experimenting with it as early as in 1993; he created his first 3D television jingles and commercials for the Czech Television at the mere age of 18 when he joined the team of qq studio. Having graduated from the Film school of Zlín, he decided to engage in this field in a really professional manner. He collaborated on a variety of commercials for big international corporate clients, films and music videos as cinematographer, editor, animator and visual effects´ creator. He also used to give lectures on 3D graphics and animation at the multimedia department of the Brno University of Technology.
He also runs a film production company called Asaya productions where he works as a film director, producer, screenplay writer, editor, cinematographer and music composer. Music and graffiti are another of Filip’s great love affairs – nicknamed Sub.d.visionz, he was a leading force of the legendary Dvoika.troika crew of Ostrava and produced quite a number of electronic tracks, played as a DJ and organized hundreds of drum and bass and psychedelic trance parties. He also composed part of the music for his movie Bufo Alvarius – The Underground Secret which is the very first feature film about the hallucinogenic toad and 5-MeO-DMT in the world. The film has received many awards and nominations from film festivals in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Venice, Barcelona and Ostrava. He created 20 minutes of highly appreciated visionary 3D animations for the movie. The film is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, VHX, Vimeo and Gaia.
Filip is a founding member of Asaya association based in Czechia. Asaya´s mission is to promote transpersonal psychology, shamanism, mysticism, new paradigms in science and psychedelic research. Asaya organizes events, conferences, workshops, publishes books and produces movies.
In 2009 he founded a 3Decor design company where he sold hundreds of his 3D art printed on canvas, glass, metal or wallpaper, which are sold exclusively in 10 pieces limited editions. At that time he worked as a interior designer as well.
Few years ago he also started to work as a product designer. He designed a futuristic train and elevator for PARS company and his biggest project so far was a agricultural autonomous artificial-intelligence-driven farming robot.
His artistic style varies from minimalistic abstract geometric shapes to complex visionary psychedelic imagery or photorealistic creations with a message.
His biggest corporate clients: Procter and Gamble, Walmark, Henkel, Honeywell, Davis Cup, Ford motor company, Skylink, M7 Group, Karcher, Teva, Varroc and many others.
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