An artwork from the Shamans of the World collection. Intihuasca or in spanish Yage Sol is a name of special brew of Ayahuasca used by shamans in Colombia. It is under Intihuasca, "Sun Yage," that shamans relive their origin myth. The shaman establishes contact with the creators of color and sound, and with the Solar Men. The latter appear as midgets radiating a golden light and singing beautiful chants accompanied by flutes and drums as they descend from heaven to earth. The ancestors tell about primeval times when the whole world was in darkness. It was already inhabited by all beings, including humans who lacked intelligence. The humans wandered throughout the earth in search of food when they stumbled onto the Ayahuasca. They cut it into portions; one was given to the women to try, and their menstruation began. The men tried another and became ecstatic. At the same time, shadows formed and their silhouettes glittered. In the depth of heaven, they saw a huge flower that became the sun as it was fertilized. From there the Solar Men descended. Each one played a distinctive melody with his flute or drum, and each melody
transformed into a different color. When the world was illuminated, all this symphony of colors and music brought forth understanding to humankind, creating intelligence and language.Yahe has been used ever since by shamans to see the world as it really is, and to make everythirtg clear and harmonious for the curaca's spirit.
“You already know everything, all ayahuasca does is remind you, it makes you aware of the infinite you have already known.”
- Gerard Armond Powell
Image file: 4000x6472 pixels in Φ aspect ratio – 1:1.618.
Created in Newtek Lightwave 3D, compositing and postproduction in Adobe After Effects.
© 2021 Filip Zaruba -

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