A collaboration between myself and the Colombian shaman Jose Antonio Jansasoy, who created the music. Shamans call their sacred songs Icaro and this particular melody is for consecration and healing and is used during the ayahuasca ceremony or when he is cleansing a person. Icaro is a South American indigenous colloquialism for magic song. Today, this term is commonly used to describe the medicine songs performed in vegetal ceremonies, especially by shamans in ayahuasca ceremonies. It is also commonly used to describe a traditional artisanal pattern of the Shipibo tribe based on the visions induced by ayahuasca.
The word icaro is believed to derive from the Quechua verb ikaray, which means "to blow smoke in order to heal". Traditionally, these songs can be performed by whistling, singing with the voice or vocables, or playing an instrument such as the didgeridoo or flute. The accordion or guitar is also very popular among Colombian shamans. Traditionally, icaros may come to a shaman during a ceremony, be passed down from previous lineages of healers, or come to a shaman during a 'dieta' where plant spirits are believed to teach icaros to the shaman directly.
Due to the complexity of certain performance techniques, it may take many years to learn certain icaros, and experienced shamans may be able to recite hundreds of them. There is a big difference between hearing an icaro in a normal state of consciousness or during a ceremony under the influence of ayahuasca. Using the icaros the shaman can modify the visions themselves because they are masters of synesthesia. Through using the most interesting acoustic effects produced by their icaros the geometric designs can be seen acoustically.
The Maestros refer to an icaro as “my painted song,” “my words with those designs,” or “my ringing pattern.” There are icaros for increasing or diminishing the intensity and color of the visions, changing the color perceived, directing the emotional contents of the visions, evoking spirits, and calling in many types of healing energies.
“Ayahuasca is a symbiotic ally of the human species.” ― Dennis McKenna
“You already know everything, all ayahuasca does is remind you, it makes you aware of the infinite you have already known.” 
― Gerard Armond Powell
Animation: Full HD 1920x1080 created in Newtek Lightwave 3D, compositing and postproduction in Adobe After Effects, music postproduction in Cubase.
© 2022 Filip Zaruba & Jansasoy Jose Antonio – filipzaruba.com

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