Filip Záruba aka. Sub.d.visionz became interested in electronic and dance music at the turn of the 80s and 90s. He was fascinated by this new music and wanted to start producing his own:
"I started making my first experiments with an automatic Roland drum machine and Kawaii keyboards with a neighbour, but without a proper studio and the necessary know-how I couldn't record anything very good. That changed with the advent of more powerful computers and the internet. I got my dream pro sound card for my high school graduation, bought a Yamaha CS1X keyboard and started trying to create again. By then I was listening more to hip hop, trip hop, acid, techno, rave and of course the ever growing drum and bass. It eventually won out because I feel like it can somehow combine all the different styles of music that I enjoy..."
In 1997 he also started DJing at the cult club Cihelna in Ostrava, where he met a lot of other interesting DJs and producers from Ostrava and the surrounding area. But he felt that although there were many quality musicians in Ostrava, no one outside of North Moravia knew about them, so he decided to change that. Together with his friend Filip Blazek, they invited the best DJs, producers and graffiti writers from the sound systems Bassdrum brothers, Crime audio and B.Massive and proposed to them to start a new big crew that would help all of them to break into the rest of the Czech Republic and the world.  There were 23 of them in total and thus the now legendary Dvoika.troika crew was formed, which was inducted into the DNB Hall of Fame at the 2014 DNB Awards for its contribution to the DNB scene.
Filip continued to produce and in 1999 he finally released his debut album "Dirty kind of stuff" on Virtual Label. Singles in collaboration with MC Coppa and No Money followed on Protogen recordings, Ease Up recordings, Evopro recordings etc. Filip continued to play as a DJ, but from 1999 onwards only played tracks from his own productions in his sets. Apart from the Czech Republic, he also played at big festivals and club shows in Slovakia, Hungary, poland, Austria and Germany. After 2010, however, there was not so much time for his own production and so he also puts selected neurofunk and techstep tracks from other producers into his sets.
Besides production, graffiti and managing Dvoika.troika, he also started to work as a promoter. In the THC club he started parties under the name Futurebreakz, which started and significantly influenced the drum and bass scene in Ostrava and its surroundings. Apart from DJs and producers from dvoika.troika, the main guests were mainly representatives of the Prague DNB scene. But his dream was to bring big names of the world scene to the Czech Republic, so in 2001 he organized a party called Shadowbox in Prague and Ostrava in cooperation with Koogi and eastbase agency, where Ed Rush was the main guest. That was also the beginning of his collaboration with DJ Elvis with the rival crew Ext-dust. The event was a huge success  - at 9pm it was sold out - and so he started to do more sequels and events like Tajmahal, Srnka Open, Double.trouble etc. These were free open airs, club parties but also big parties at the Ostrava Exhibition Centre. The cooperation with Elvis worked well and so the competitors became partners and helped each other in organizing Futurebreakz and Slim Slam Drum events, which continues to this day in club Fabric. Filip took care of the booking, promo and graphic aspects of the parties, Elvis took care of the perfect technical arrangement of the parties. Nowadays he only takes care of flyer graphics, booking was taken over by his partner from dvoika.troika. dj C.Phone aka No money.
During these 23 years Dvoika.troika and Ext-dust brought to the Czech Republic dozens of foreign djs and producers, among the most famous ones: Andy C, Bad Company, Ed Rush, Stakka+Skynet, Noisia, Evol Intent, Kemal, Audio, Gridlok, Mefjus, Drumsound, Moving Fusion, Aquasky, Cause4Concern, Counterstrike, Usual Suspects, D-Bridge, Fourward, Axiom, Vicious Circle, Spor, Apex, The Sect, Chris Su, Mindscape, Identity, BTK and many more.
Since his profession is a 3D graphic artist, animator and designer, he does music for TV jingles or commercials and has designed a lot of party flyers and vinyl or CD covers for various labels and producers.
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